Interactief opts for Carrière

In December 2018, we joined Carrière Uitzendbureau. That means we now form a part of the fastest growing employment agency in the Netherlands, expanding our national network at the same time. Carrière Uitzendbureau is a brand of Staffing Associates. This specialist in agency work and employment administration, employment practices, taxes and liability ensures we can offer a reliable basis using standardised processes. Together, we provide a high-quality service by combining our shared expertise of the labour market.

A selection of our products and services


Do you have peaks and troughs in your staffing? Use our flexpools and create a flexible workforce of familiarised temporary workers to deal with those ups and downs. Read more….

Recruitment and selection

Also known as Recruitment. We recruit and select candidates capable of filling specific positions within your organisation for you as a client. Once we have preselected the candidates Read more….

Social helpdesk

Our employees very much rely on our help and knowledge, and we provide both. This has led to the formation of our Social helpdesk, an information centre for employees who Read more….

My InterActief

As a client, you have access to your own online back office: My InterActief. This allows you to effortlessly check or approve invoices and/or statements, register hours, etc. Read more….


We use Skype to conduct job application interviews at a distance. Communicating via Skype is both simple and effective. It also enables us to get a valuable first impression. In order to find the perfect match we have Read more….

Anouncing a vacancy

Do you have little time to spare but urgently need a solution? Then use our website to announce your vacancy online directly.

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The core team of Interactief Groep is the first point of contact for clients. It also provides the combined services and acts as a lynchpin for 4 specialised partners.

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Our specialists

Each of our specialised partners has a specific area of expertise, name, corporate identity, team and website. The individual websites mainly serve as a medium for candidates and employees. Clients are advised to contact the core team of Interactief Groep directly. Read more about our specialised partners.