Our combined strength

We offer various HR specialisations under one umbrella. Our combined knowledge of the employment market is therefore as broad as it is deep. We provide employment in the field of administration, logistics, agriculture, production and technology. You can also rely on us to fill positions at (senior) management level, in addition to which we are able to offer joint solutions in the area of social support, healthcare, housing & accommodation, legal issues and finance.

Our combined vision

Guts and trust >

A sound relationship is only a click away. That click ensures that we can be who we are. That we are honest. But it also requires guts.


A keen eye for talent >

The market changes continuously, today even more so than before. This requires new solutions.


Combined strength >

Not everyone is the same. Each person or business has a talent of its own.


The combined mission

Our objective is to enable companies to efficiently handle the most valuable of assets: their employees. To us, efficiency implies achieving more with less by placing the right people in the right positions. In doing so we aim to create flexibility, not only by way of strategic, tailor-made solutions that considerably reduce the burden of our clients, but also by combining the right specialists and focussing on the organisation as a whole (strategy, branch of industry and culture) in order to provide target-based and cost efficient long-term solutions. To achieve this we literally cross borders. Our employees are recruited in countries all over Europe.

Our specialists

Our specialists all operate under names of their own and with individual teams and websites, an overview of which is provided below. These websites mainly serve as a medium for candidates and employees. Clients who want to know more about us or who intend to cooperate with us are advised to contact the Interactief Groep core team directly. Read more about our specialists.

Onze partners

As of December 2018, we have joined Carrière Uitzendbureau. This partnership makes us one of the fastest growing temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands and has expanded our national network greatly. Carrière is a brand of Staffing Associates. This specialist in agency work and top class performer in the field of labour administration, employment, tax and liability ensures that we can provide a reliable basis using standardised processes. Together we offer a first class service through our joint expertise in the labour market.

Carriere Uitzendbureau

Staffing Associates