Social helpdesk

We are always happy to enter into long-term relationships with our clients as well as with our employees. Many years of experience have taught us that the mere offer of employment and an employment agreement does not guarantee continuity. Our employees very much rely on our help and knowledge, and we provide both. This has led to the formation of our Social helpdesk, an information centre for employees which provides answers in various languages in the field of legislation, housing, transport and insurance, as well as in respect of social issues, for example in the event of sickness or death, or concerning family members living abroad. There is nothing that we have not dealt with before. We are fully involved with our employees, many of whom have relied on us for years.


We know and understand all health insurance and sickness policy-related laws and regulations like no other. The provision of adequate accompaniment and reintegration following sickness is one of the reasons why our employees are able to fully and correctly reassume work.


We have been providing sustainable, safe and pleasant accommodation nationwide for some of our employees for many years. On location, close to the employer, and all in accordance with the SKIA guidelines.

Multilingual guidance

Our employees are international, which is why speak several languages and are able to guide them in their own language. Clear communication is an essential asset, and language barriers should never obstruct a pleasant relationship.


Whether you start work in a different country or in a different city, effective guidance must be provided from the very outset. The lines of communication we maintain with our flex workers ensure that we are able to think along with them and provide solutions for issues they face at work. Our unwavering consideration for people contributes to improved quality and higher productivity within your organisation.


Naturally a Social Helpdesk has to provide guidance in the field of taxes. Our network enables smooth processing, thus relieving our employees from worries and allowing them to focus on work.

Source of knowledge

Over the years we have become a daily source of knowledge for countless people in the field of housing, legislation, healthcare, wellbeing and transport. In exceptional cases in which cannot provide an immediate answer, we look for one. We always enjoy a challenge!