The Flexible Layer

We specialise in managing the flexible layer of companies. The flexible layer is a collective reference to those employees within your organisation who have a temporary employment agreement with you directly or via a third party, in which number and composition determine the level of flexibility with which your organisation can adjust to a continually changing market. The interests and approach differ per organisation.



A well-managed flexible layer contributes to the growth of your organisation and its scaling down in the event of decreasing demand, without severe financial consequences.


One of the objectives might be to ensure that you are able to deliver with consistent speed and quality, even if faced with sickness absence, leave or unexpected peaks in demand. We use Flexpools for organisations that are required to switch quickly.

Knowledge and innovation

Attracting a flexible employee from outside introduces new knowledge and refreshing insights to your organisation, as well as ambition and target-mindedness. This has a stimulating effect on everyone you employ.


The approach depends on the line of business and the strategy of your organisation. We shall be glad to help you define the objective.


The plan prepared by us is translated in terms of expenditure, so that you know the exact financial consequences in advance and are able to make the right choices.

Flexible entrepreneurship

We are always happy to advise you on what you can do to introduce flexibility to your organisation, for example by working on a project basis or by adequately informing and preparing your permanent workforce.